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Potty Trainer

Potty trainer:

Ahmedabad to Palanpur Via Kadi kalol – not a route but a movie

Ahmedabad to Palanpur Via Kadi Kalol… Nop this ain’t a route… It’s a movie… 😀

Indian-Oil Adv. Bad stomach=Unhealthy???

Kharab Pet = Aswasthya WHAT????

Only drinking water – for monkies!! Warning at Park.

The water tank in park carries the message: “Water Only For Drinking – Not for washing clothes / utensils. Legal actions will be taken against he violators!!” Thanks Utkarsh for the pic.

What is Acronym of POLICE In India

Well This is what they expand for the word “POLICE”… Expected characteristics!! Khokhra Police Chauki, Ahmedabad 5MRQ2KMDXDZM

15 Aug Is Independence day and NOT Republic Day

I saw this yesterday and couldn’t control the mixed emotions of Anger, piti and insult for my dear country. Who will teach our politicians that 15 Aug Is Independence day and 26 Jan is Republic Day !! Alas my dear India is in such hands :(… Any ways… Vande Mataram and Happy Independence to all […]

Push Hard To Open
Blow your top-Unisex hairstyle

Blow your top…

Pick up your dog poo and take it home
Gandhi’s Flip-Flop-Veg Indian eatables

At Lakes Town, London, UK.

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