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What is Acronym of POLICE In India

Well This is what they expand for the word “POLICE”… Expected characteristics!! Khokhra Police Chauki, Ahmedabad 5MRQ2KMDXDZM

Minimised dos prompts at ICICI Atm
Save mony and give Money-at matheran
Uterneka Kshetra – CST Mumbai
Runtime Error At ICICI Atm

🙂 Microsoft caught in ICICI – ATM !! I can reproduce d’ BUG!!!BTW ICICI slogan says: “Hum hai na!!”

Importance of Hindi
Photograph of No Photography

Because there was “Management”… 😉 [R-World: A’bad]

Distance kashmir kerala from Ahmedabad

What a Geographical nonsense !!! P.S.: I saw this in Ahmedabad !!

Permission denied for videographi-BHIDIO
Dear bernoullie sorry for that

:)) … Don’t know who has observed that ‘’

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