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Importance of Hindi
At maninagar raiway crossing to baroda
Photograph of No Photography

Because there was “Management”… 😉 [R-World: A’bad]

Distance kashmir kerala from Ahmedabad

What a Geographical nonsense !!! P.S.: I saw this in Ahmedabad !!

Permission denied for videographi-BHIDIO
Don’t spit where you like

does it mean ‘na game’ tyan thuki devu…? [does it mean spit where you don’t like?]

Dear bernoullie sorry for that

:)) … Don’t know who has observed that ‘’

Kaam Vagar Beswu nahi-my desktop wallpaper

byproducts of recession 😉

Discrete mathematics book – and much more to read

:)) This is an Extreme laughter, keen-eyes & sharp mind required.. I’ve never studied this book btw..

Chinese Itemo Malse

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