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Crocodile in the water-funny gujju warning

Check 3rd warning… it says “Crocodile visits the water” I wonder if they can share the timings too… “Paani ma magar aave che” e to barobar “Pan kyare aave che?” Captured at Narmada River – Bharuch (Pic Credit – Sameer)

Potty Trainer

Potty trainer:

When you can’t afford PUMA bag…

When you can’t afford a PUMA bag, you’ve a POMA bag!!!

Every Vehicle’s Puncture

Every Vehicle gets Puncture here ;)

Warning to Kareena Kapoor: Keep Saif Distance

Warning from a motor driving school to Kareena Kapoor – “Keep Saif Diste nse” :)

Smokers die younger-Tobacco warning message
funny gujarati-notice-laddu for dogs

Translation: All the members of society are thus informed that if you have dogs surrounding to your office, factory or job-place, please collect “ladu” for them

How to avoid bargain-Customer is King Poster

At one shop of Agra, this is how they asked for “No bargain”: Customer is King King Never Bargain King Never Borrow

Ahmedabad to Palanpur Via Kadi kalol – not a route but a movie

Ahmedabad to Palanpur Via Kadi Kalol… Nop this ain’t a route… It’s a movie… :D

don’t play ground games in garden-funny gujju

You better know what to play there then :P Funny Gujarati warning at Indroda nature park.

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